It started out as a product-sourcing frustration (we're interior designers) then progressed to passionate experimentation (now we're product designers, plantitas, and photographers as well).  We’re a design duo so dead set on finding "the one" that creating it was the only option. But in designing that piece, we fell in love with all our imaginings, and thought you’d like them, too. So here we are, sharing our ever-evolving collection of original designs.


“Speak sense but stand out.” Even the most ornamental piece you own has a reason it came to you. We put serious thought into the little things with which we decorate our homes and have determined to improve on them and offer something new. (Not-so-secret secret: novelty excites us more than functionality.) Designing in this way means working closely with our artisans to produce uniquely human pieces with quality as our top priority.


Home makers, hobbyists, stylists — just about anybody with a flair for self-expression and seeking to decorate their space accordingly. It’s not easy to personalize when a shop’s selection is universal. For us, design should be intentional and never repetitive. We allow the lines to blur between traditional and contemporary interior styles when design is centered around the person. That’s why we design distinctive pieces around themes to suit a specific personality or time, all while respecting function as a non-negotiable.


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